Meet Our Owner & Founder -

Tramaine Sampson

I am a 37-year-old man born and raised in Houston, TX, second to the oldest of four siblings. Raised in housing, I could not get too many things that I liked as a kid because of the shortage of finance. But as a kid, I was into sports and fashion; as the years grew, fashion became one of my primary addictions.

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My Clothing Journey

In 2010, I decided to create an apparel clothing store since I spent so much money on clothes, and people complimented me on how I dress. So I figured I could drop pieces that people would love and boost their ego and confidence. But at the time, I could not think of a catchy name. So as the years passed, I was just putting it off, but I knew someday having a line was what I wanted to do.

Naming My Brand

2017 came, and I decided on Rich Republic Klothing to be my brand name. So I ran with it and established the business in 2018, and ever since, it has been a fairly good journey. I just wanted to give the people a taste of my culture as one we will grow.